Keynote oncology clinical trials

What’s Keynote oncology clinical trials

Keynote oncology clinical trials is a series of clinical trials to determine whether an investigational immunotherapy may help in the treatment of cancer. The investigational immunotherapy is pembrolizumab (MK-3475).

We have investigational clinical trials under way or planned in multiple cancer types. We are currently studying the types of cancer listed below. We encourage you to speak with your physician to determine if a Keynote clinical trial may be right for you.

也就是说这个项目主要是针对肿瘤免疫治疗的, 并且不区分癌症种类。

Our Keynote clinical trials are studying a way to treat cancer through immunotherapy-which may help the body’s immune system fight cancer. The investigational immunotherapy used in the Keynote Trials is pembrolizumab, also known as MK-3475, a PD-1 blocking antibody.

Oncology immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment designed to work with the body’s natural defenses to fight the cancer. These treatments are engineered to allow your immune system to help recognize harmful tumor cells and destroy them.

Keynote – Breast cancer


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