Tips for writing paper in epidemiology

这学期参加了一个journal club “tell me something I don’t know about cancer”,获益匪浅。特别是通过交流学习,是我这种小白对epidemiology和cancer有了更深的认识。

通过对每次journal club上文章的critisize, 不仅培养了批判性思维,还同时对该领域的文章结构有了很清晰的认识。很好的东西,必须记下来,好记性不如烂笔头嘛。写文章的时候对照这些问题,就会删了很多bug呢。

同时,主持journal club的Ofure还给我们推荐了 a Series on Evaluation of Scientific Publications ,该书的第一章Critical Appraisal of Scientific Articles 就是告诉我们如何严谨的写作科研文章。经常读读是大有裨益的,该书共21章,每章针对不同的方面都会有专题,特别专业。



Title, Introduction and Purpose

  • Does the title adequately reflect the work content? Is it unbiased?
  • Does it attract the appropriate readership?
  • Is there evidence of a literature review? If so, is it recent (in last five years)?
  • Is the problem statement/introduction clearly described?
  • Is it relevant to the topic selected and does it show the objectives or aims of the research article?
  • Is the research question or hypothesis clear?
  • Is it informative, research-based and does it support the purpose/problem?

Methods and Results

Materials, Methods and Results

  • What information is there on the sample size and characteristics-selection bias?

  • What sampling technique was used to collect the data?

  • How were ethical considerations handled/IRBE approval obtained?

  • Do the methods match the purpose?

  • What statistical methods were utilized - were they appropriate?

  • Are the results clearly presented - are they significant?

  • Does the data presentation match the described methods?


Discussion and conclusion

  • What conclusions are drawn by the author?
  • Are the statements well supported by the literature?
  • Are they consistent with the study objectives and limited to the data in the study?
  • How does the study contribute to the body of knowledge?
  • Is there any implication for clinical practice?

  • Can the conclusions be generalized to various settings or populations of people?

  • What additional question does this study raise?

  • What are the flaws or limitations of the study?

  • Is there a need to contact the author?


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因为不想遗忘! 在这个信息大爆炸的年代,最重要的是对知识的消化-吸收-重铸。每天学了很多东西,但是理解的多少,以及能够运用多少是日后成功的关键。作为一个PhD,大脑中充斥了太多的东西,同时随着年龄的增长,难免会忘掉很多事情。所以只是为了在众多教程中写一个自己用到的,与自己...… Continue reading