Dr. Steven Halls's breast cancer website

一个加拿大的放射科学家,Dr. Steven Halls,所建设的一个网站。网站以漫画的风格对乳腺癌基础知识进行科普,风趣幽默,值得一看。

This website with information on breast cancer, mixes the medical information and the average person’s point-of-view, plus Dr. Halls sense of humor and the Moose to be super serious.

This site describes the many common and less common types of breast cancer and other benign and malignant breast diseases. It covers breast cancer screening, staging, and tumor grading. The focus is mostly on diagnosis and laboratory results, but there is also some treatment information and prognosis information, although for the absolutely best, latest, state-of-the-art information on treatment options, it’s always best to directly talk to an oncologist specializing in breast cancer.

Section 1 – Screening Programs and Risk Factors

Section 2 – Screening Mammography

Section 3 – Benign Breast conditions, types of non-cancer lumps.

Section 4 – Benign Conditions, Atypical hyperplasia and DCIS.

Section 5 – Invasive Breast Cancers

Section 6 – Pathology tests, what they mean.

Section 7 – Breast Cancer Staging

Section 8 – Information on Breast Cancer Treatment


Breast Cancer Information



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因为不想遗忘! 在这个信息大爆炸的年代,最重要的是对知识的消化-吸收-重铸。每天学了很多东西,但是理解的多少,以及能够运用多少是日后成功的关键。作为一个PhD,大脑中充斥了太多的东西,同时随着年龄的增长,难免会忘掉很多事情。所以只是为了在众多教程中写一个自己用到的,与自己...… Continue reading